26 Сентябрь 2008

Fighting Speeding Tickets

Nothing can kill your driving enthusiasm like a traffic ticket. Since I love to drive…fast that is; the overall conundrum with it is called speeding tickets. I execrate speeding tickets.

I know I am not the only one who has gotten one of these carbon copy statements of lawlessness. They are ignominious for the most part. Like… Once upon a time I was taking a trip with my friend and I got stopped for going slightly under way too fast. There were no signs indicating a speed change coming off the freeway on the Oregon Coast.

If a speedometer on a automobile measure up to 120mph, what is the point of a speed limit at 65mph on the fast lane? They want you to break the law so they can filch your money. I reckon police get their kicks off making you feel unenlightened by asking you why you’re going so fast. Doyee! They must think you are foolish enough to admit you’re guilty before you have the chance to use the law in your favor.

You know what else I think is unfair when it comes to speeding tickets? Appealing them; not only does it disrupt your life, court usually arranged for you at the most incommodious time like midst working hours. WTF? It is like defrauding because your’ nominal citation has magically turned a $200.00 ticket into a hardship because you were cheated out of a day of work. We need to stick it to the man and fight speeding tickets!

Honest story; I got off easy with a warning for cruising 90mph in a 30mph zone, passing on a double yellow converging with diametrically opposed traffic, which just so happened to be a different colored cop car, in a car registered in Oklahoma, a driver’s license issued in Ohio and insurance in Arizona. I believe if you are female and are fortunate enough to get stopped by a boy, you have a slight advantage when it comes to the chance of being issued just a warning then a full infraction.

Now I fancy that I got off easy because I was wearing one of those bikinis that make your boobies look really big, but I would have to say for all those infringements which were blatantly obvious, I got lucky because he could not demonstrate that I was speeding. When you take into account he did not have the means to have accurately clocked my speed; he could not have been able to pace me and speed was not being checked by air radar in that area either so fortunately for me, he had no means to prove anything for his defense.

After educating myself with this eBook I came across on fighting speeding tickets, in hindsight I can say it was absolutely the scarcity of valid evidence that got me off Scott Free, not my smile. I hardly ever get as lucky as formerly indicated but now I am confident I have a practical defense concerning my tickets being abridged or annulled.

This most assuredly outweighs the alternative formally called driving school which inescapably humiliates you to the class of a fundamental meaning that the color yellow means caution. My driving history is not actually free of debris and my insurance cost more than my car payment so let me give it to you straight. I have complications following the posted speed signs when my car and law conflict. For instance sex and STDs or Speeding Ticket Disasters! Abstaining from sex will definitely work but having protection feels better.

Come on! How do you obtain a speeding ticket going that slow? I know grandmas that can walk faster than that! No doubt not driving is an absolute decision to bypass carbon copy money grams but if you are easily irritated like me you just cannot for lack of better words hold up slowing moving along behind some lady named Formelda Hyde in a Ford Taurus with a Golden Girl in the passenger seat.
Long story short, fighting the flagrant speeding ticket is so easy a kid could do it if you know where to look for the knowledge you need to subdue it.