Февраль 2009

23 Февраль 2009

How To Beat A Speeding Ticket

So there you are making your way to work, traffic is flowing in its normal pattern and it feels like it is going to be a good day. Of course it is too good to be true because you just got caught speeding. Slightly annoyed with the remarkable circumstances you incidentally whisper under your breath, “God damn it not another speeding ticket,” and your thoughts are set a swirl pondering, how can I beat this one?

Here is the thing, I am a mother of three. I got a car payment that is past due, the economy on my noggin and student loans I still have to pay for. The last thing I need is one more traffic ticket. I have been there, done that and it is not cheap. So you hand over your license, registration and insurance card. He lollygags over to his ticket horse to trifle in the affairs of others and dawdles back to give you a speeding fine.

So I plead with the Ticket Nazi, “Come on, is there anyway you could find it in your heart to issue me a fix it ticket or something instead?” He gazes at me like he knows my pain; nonetheless he hands me a speeding ticket anyway. Then I get back on the road hoping I don’t somehow hose up again and get myself more traffic tickets.

How do I get stopped in a Chevy Astro van? I know it is ugly but I’ll be damned, it aint that bad! It is not as though I was driving like I stolen it or trying to set a new record. I just happened to encounter a ticket tyrant and I cannot afford it.

As if forgetting my utility payment wasn’t enough, throwing in speeding fines to my exquisite pile of debt was what encouraged me to find a way of getting out of it. My only question was what was the best way to go about it? So I headed to the bibliotheca to gather information. In today’s society I knew there had to be a weak spot in the system somewhere.

I was studying the law publications but to be real, I didn’t understand a damn word of it. I then redirected my eyes to some book that guarantees you will beat speeding fines but as I am skimming through I realize that it was published for violations occurring in Alabama. I don’t live in that state! Now I am getting really aggravated and feeling crushed and ready to go home and edit my budget to allow for this inane traffic ticket.

Nearly sobbing myself into oblivion, some gentleman tells me to try this book that he found on the internet because it worked for him. So I reckon I got nothing to lose. I could feel a bit of euphoria as I came upon the site because it was simple and chalked full of relevant information.

What I did not know at the time I was stopped is how circumstantial a laser or radar gun becomes as evidence. It sucked that I still had to pay a little bit of the infraction but at least I got to keep some cash.

Not so long ago I was stopped again by a ticket overlord but that time I knew what to do. I did get the ticket nullified and I swear by this book. Woo hoo! Mommy did it, it’s my birthday! Yes, there are ways to beat traffic tickets. If this simple minded mom can do it then I am certain you can too. Let those thieving bastards stop me again muhahahahaha…